IIS Reports for IIS Manager 7

I have just uploaded a new application that extends IIS Manager 7 for Windows Vista and Windows Longhorn Server that adds a new Reports option that gives you a few reports of the server and site activity. Its features include:

  • Reports are scoped on the object selected in IIS Manager, so if server is selected you get a server report including all Sites information, if a site is selected you only get information related to that specific site
  • Export to HTML
  • Printing support
  • Different chart options: Pie, Columns and Lines
  • Built-in Reports:
    • Status Code, Hits Per Url, Hits by Hour, User Agent, File Extensions
    • Users, Time Taken, Win32 Errors, Client Machine, Http Method

Click Here to go to the Download Page

IIS Reports

I'm working on a second version that will allow you to create your own queries and configure more options like Chart settings, and ore.

If you have any suggestions on reports that would be useful feel free to add them as comment to the post.

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  1. really a great idea, but doenst work on my german vista

    i run the msi and be redirected to the logparsers page ( which i had installed) and nothing more

    if you want to contact me hannesp AT ppedv.de

  2. CarlosAg says:

    After reinstalling LogParser everything worked, it seems that there were a few registry keys missing updating from Windows XP to Windows Vista.

  3. Errr. Carlos, I posted twice at iis.net blog, I can’t run this at x64. did you get my msgs?

  4. CarlosAg says:

    I’ve been really busy with the Server Beta 3 release and haven’t checked iis.net, though I always check my blog :).

    You can now go to the download page above and you will find a x64 version that should work.

  5. Vadim says:

    Does that mean WebChart is ported to VS2005 🙂 ?

    Any chanses of fixin labels in ScatterChart?


  6. Although there are a few aftermarket log analysis tools or remote (embedded Javascript) analysis solutions

  7. Randy Miller says:

    I tried running this on Windows 2008 Server RC1 x64 and I’m getting a 2869 Error during installation.  Any ideas?

  8. Saleh says:

    first i want to thank you for your efforts.

    i really like to use chart control you created.

    but is there any way to expand the variables which i can as data source ???

    i want to put two variables in the x-Axis while we only have just one variable on the y-Axis.

    and this option is required frequently in statistical reports.

    is that possible to do using the chart control ??

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