See you at PDC

Well, I’m really excited to be heading to PDC’05, it sure promise to be an interesting one where we can finally show off so many new technologies we have been working so hard during this past few months to create.

I will be there along with many of my teammates from IIS trying to show off the really cool new features that we have built into the next version of IIS which I'm sure will rock your mind if you are a Web lover like me.

So I really hope to meet a lot of you guys out there and try to answer any questions you might have.


Comments (6)

  1. Lance says:

    Are you still supporting the WebChart control? I am trying to format the y axis data to display additional decimal data. I have had zero luck getting this to work at the code behind implementation. I can get this to work when using the direct write to screen method. Any help would be appreciated.


  2. CarlosAg says:

    Yes, I do support it, I will send you an email to follow up on this.

  3. faisal.ayaz says:

    How can we use Pivot Table in Excel.

    this API is very nice, i worked on it and i process some work in this API(Set the DataBase in this and also in WorkSheets as well), but i cann’t be able to create Pivot Table this is how i am trying to do :)…

           Worksheet sheet2 = sheets.Add("Sample Pivot Table");

           PivotTable table = sheet2.PivotTable;

           PivotField hospitalField = new PivotField();

           hospitalField.DataField = "R7C1";

           PivotField yearField = new PivotField();

           yearField.DataField = "R7C1";

           PivotField patientsField = new PivotField();

           patientsField.DataField = "R7C1";




    plz tell me how can we do it easyly


  4. avi says:


    can plz post code for creating pivor table in VB

  5. guy23 says:

    Any code for creative pivottables with CarlosAg would be helpful. I tried the generator, but it didn’t use the CarlogAg pivottable object. Also, the generator’s code was too verbose.

  6. Emily says:

    Same here.

    I tried couple of versions to create Pivot Table but didn’t succeed, error each time.

    please – help!

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