Generating Excel Workooks without Excel

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  1. shaunbed says:


    Having an Excel XML writer IS very useful.

    I too have done some work with Excel automation and think this will be useful utility. The only problem with it is the average deployed version of Office is still 2000 and 2000 does not store as an XML object.

    I think that the automation and VBA libraries are overly complex. I have often read that they improve development time by up to 16 x over 4 GL but I am still not impressed. In my experience, they have been messy and sometimes COM under VBA just isn’t logical. There are times when VBA can’t tell between properties and functions on COM objects. There are also times where you have to cast a member to an interface before you can get members of a member. It can be a real headache.

    Again, kudos..

    Shaun Bedingfield

    The Art of Software Development Made Flesh

  2. Kevin says:


    This sounds like a great tool! Just what I am looking to do…

    Have you thought of making the DLL open-source?

  3. Andrew says:

    Hi Carlos,

    The XML Writer is a great tool. However I have come across one issue, it doesn’t seem to be able to generate more than 64 Worksheets into a Workbook?

    Any ideas how to get around this?



  4. Roselle says:

    This is a great tool. Coupled with the code generator, this has saved me hours of writing Excel/XML code.

    Thanks Carlos!

  5. Nellai says:

    This is a superb tool to helps lot!!! Thanks for this great work.

  6. tmc says:

    I’m fairly new to the .NET framework, C# and XML and was creating a simple financial management system for personal use. I was trying to figure out how I could make a simple backup by creating a file that was downloadable from my server. I ended up simply writing a .csv with the tables that I needed. After coming across your XML Excel Writer I was impressed. This really opens my mind as to the possibilites of XML. Thanks for the effort in creating this library.

  7. Jose Luis says:


    I found something missing in your library.

    There is no way to protect/unprotect individual cell in a worksheet.

    You should add to WorksheetStyle a new property

    The XML traslation inside the Style tag is:

    <s:Style s:ID="s90">

    <s:Protection s:Protected="0" />


    Thanks for this great library

  8. Bernardo Rincón says:


    Hour tool has been extremely useful in the work I am doing now.

    Thank you very much.

    For me you have become something like the Madre Teresa of free tools for making easy, difficult tasks.

    Thank you very much again.

  9. Simon says:

    Hi there, as others have said, excellent work. Without access to the source, it’s not possible to extend this further and I would like to request support for external datasources for PivotTables.

    The current PTSource does not seem to offer support for the <QuerySource> element that would allow for this.

    This has proved invaluable in learning how to manipulate the excel file format. Thanks again.

  10. Harvey Kandola says:

    Nice tool.

    Any reason why it does not function on Excel 2000?

  11. Mark Wilkinson says:


    This tool does not function on Excel 2000, because it is only later versions of Excel that store data as XML objects.

  12. Paweł Krakowiak says:

    Carlos tested it in Excel 2003, but I can confirm it works well in 2002 version, as well.

  13. faisal.ayaz says:

    How can we use Pivot Table in Excel.

    this API is very nice, i worked on it and i process some work in this API(Set the DataBase in this and also in WorkSheets as well), but i cann’t be able to create Pivot Table this is how i am trying to do :)…

           Worksheet sheet2 = sheets.Add("Sample Pivot Table");

           PivotTable table = sheet2.PivotTable;

           PivotField hospitalField = new PivotField();

           hospitalField.DataField = "R7C1";

           PivotField yearField = new PivotField();

           yearField.DataField = "R7C1";

           PivotField patientsField = new PivotField();

           patientsField.DataField = "R7C1";




    plz tell me how can we do it easyly


  14. santosh says:

    this tool is simply great but using this i get excel xml so can u tell me how i represent this xml into proper format as it look in excel spreadsheet

  15. Muhammad says:

    this tool is simply great but using this i get excel xml so can >u tell me how i represent this xml into proper format as it >look in excel spreadsheet

    why donot you use Office API it is better then this CarlosAg …. (Primary Interop Assembly — PIA)



  16. Paweł Krakowiak says:

    santosh: You need to "fool" Excel, so it thinks it deals with Excel spreadsheet. 🙂 Basically, all you have to do is to change the output content type, like this:


    Response.Buffer = true;

    Response.ContentType = "application/";

    Response.Charset = "Windows-1250";



    where book is an instance of Workbook class.

    Muhammad: Office Automation is not necessarily better, it all depends on where and for what you want to use it. For web applications I would go with Carlos’ work, as automation may literally eat all server resources and kill it. 😉 Workbooks are faster and lightweight.

  17. Rosario says:

    Hi I think this is a great tool.

    I tested a lot of other tools around and definetely this is the fastest, ideal for a web based app.

    Do someone knows something similar for Word?

    Is there any chance to get the source of the assembly or buy them? It is unlikely as a company we can use something without sources.


  18. Azhar Mahmood says:

    I have a work book which contains Validation Format on some columns.

    The CodeGen does not seam to create code for the Validation Format.

    My Validation Format is using a Range Based List in a separate worksheet of the same workboobk.

    Any ideas or advice?


  19. Jazzek says:

    Hi. How can I write to cell value like a "00:00:00". I try set DateTime format, but then can’t open workbook. it’s message "Problem during load <Load>".  What can I do?

  20. Luis Camacho says:

    how i cant add rows dynamically, without  write

    WorksheetRow NameRow = sheet.Table.Rows.Add();

    by each new row, I want to do it with a FOREACH or a FOR

    thank you very much

  21. Poxiy says:

    There is .net component create excel workbook without Microsoft Excel call Spire.DataExport, I have heard that it is quite good for generating Excel files. You can free download it.

  22. Sandeep says:


    Your library is awesome. Thanks a million

  23. Dheeman Dutta says:

    ExcelWriter is a great tool for generating excel . It was of great help in my project. Thanks to Marcos. If he can include the ability for OLe objects to be included in this it , would be even more complete .

  24. CoqBlog says:

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  25. M$_hater says:

    OpenOffice 2 is said to understand all Excel formats, however it does not recognize the file created by that application. OO thinks its a text and opens it in Writer.

    May be some xml tag is missing? It would be very nice for us poor guys not able pay for MS Office 😉

  26. Nicole says:

    Does Anyone knows if this supports using excel template (.xlt)?

    Thanks alot.

  27. Nicole says:

    Does Anyone knows if this supports using excel template (.xlt)?

    Thanks alot.

  28. James says:

    Is there anyway to make the excel print certain rows/columns on every page that is printed?

  29. Peter says:

    Great Tool!!!!!  

    Thanks for the great tool and effort..

  30. Azeem says:

    Really a great tutorial .. It really helped me a lot..

  31. Ashwin Joshi says:

    I m developing an Application which shall open an Existing Excel File(*.xls).

    The Application shall let the User do some formatting and editing in the Excel File, but when the User SAVES the Excel File,

    The File should be Saved in my Format. I managaed to open the File in an WebBrowser control but am stuck in Saving the File in my format

    Can any body help me

    I am using .Net 2003 , C# language

  32. DJ says:


    We are Exporting chinese data to Excel….while exporting sometimes chinese chars appears as special chars in the excel sheet and sometimes not.We have tried lot many thing for making it consistent.But….

    Is this application is useful i this case…??

  33. Matang says:

    Great Effort to make developers life easy,

    I used your tool, it is excellent for creating excel files, but can you help me if i want to open that file in oledb connection, Any workaround for it ?

    Keep It up

  34. Urizen says:

    A great implementation!

    At least i can generate the results on demand and "Save" it directly to a memory stream.  Exactly what i needed!

    Works really fine. Thanks a lot.

    Only one question. Is it possible to enter a LineBreak into a cell?   (EXCEL: ALT + ENTER)

    The normal Escape sequence "n" will be removed.

    (And i hate sealed classes :p)

  35. Greg says:

    Thank you this is great.

    Is there any way to load an XML file that has been previously created and then pass values to a selected sheet that already exists. As opposed to book.Worksheets.Add("SampleSheet"); using a similar feature to the Excel orkbook.Worksheets.get_Item(currentSheet);

    Any information would be muchly appreciated.

  36. Isha says:

    Thanks it looks great!

    But how can I read a Excel-File and store it to a DataSet?

    Thank you

    Best regards,


  37. Shaun says:

    Does it work on Mac OS X version of Microsoft Office?

    I have tried it with no luck. It gives an error on the Style tag.

    Please let me know.

  38. Sam says:

    I downloaded this tool and used it to build up an order form for our website so customers could print it out and fax it to us.  It worked perfectly, as long as you have a version of Excel > 2000.  I found this out when I went to do a demo for everyone and instead of opening as a beautiful order form, it opened as a bunch of xml markup in cells.

    Are HTML tables the only way to do this if Excel 2000 compatability is required?

    Also, is there a way to make only a portion of a cell bold, underlined, etc?

  39. Mansoor says:

    I tried this CarlosAg.ExcelXmlWriter and found it great. But one thing i would like to ask that I tried to creat style and set the NumberFormat to Percent, but its not working. I mean the cell to which this style is applied is not showing correct Percent format.

    If anyone knows how to do this or anything I am missing,. please inform me asap.

  40. sacranto says:

    Does This liberary support column auto fit?

  41. Andre Eugenio says:

    This library is awsome !!

    Keep the good work,


  42. Amit Shah says:

    Plsase suggest me the method to lock the call of OWC spreadsheet.

  43. Brunio says:


    i´ve been using your library for sometime, i´ve a question,

    is it  possible to insert page breaks in the code?

    thanks, and keep on bringing new ideas


  44. Karim says:

    This is excellent work,

    thanks for sharing it

  45. pvthonngit says:

    Dear All,

    Pls Help me!

    public class ExcelGenerator


       // Methods

       public static Workbook Generate(DataGridView dataGridView)


           //ExcelWorkbook workbook = new ExcelWorkbook();

           Workbook workbook = new Workbook();

           Worksheet worksheet = workbook.Worksheets.Add("Sheet1");

           WorksheetRow worksheetRow = new WorksheetRow();

           //foreach (DataGridViewColumn dataGridViewColumn = default(DataGridViewColumn) in dataGridView.Columns)

           foreach (DataGridViewColumn dataGridViewColumn in dataGridView.Columns)


               worksheet.Table.Columns.Add(new WorksheetColumn(dataGridViewColumn.Width));

               worksheetRow.Cells.Add(new WorksheetCell(dataGridViewColumn.HeaderText.Trim()));


           worksheet.Table.Rows.Insert(0, worksheetRow);

           WorksheetStyle worksheetDefaultStyle = ExcelGenerator.GetWorksheetStyle(dataGridView.DefaultCellStyle, "Default");


           int rowIndex = 0;

           for (rowIndex = 0; rowIndex <= dataGridView.RowCount – 1; rowIndex++)


               worksheetRow = worksheet.Table.Rows.Add();

               int columnIndex = 0;

               for (columnIndex = 0; columnIndex <= dataGridView.ColumnCount – 1; columnIndex++)


                   DataGridViewCell cell = dataGridView.Rows[rowIndex].Cells[columnIndex];

                   //dataGridView.Item(columnIndex, rowIndex);

                   WorksheetStyle cellStyle = ExcelGenerator.GetWorksheetStyle(cell.InheritedStyle, string.Concat(new object[] { "column", columnIndex, "row", rowIndex }));

                   if (((cellStyle != null)))






                       cellStyle = worksheetDefaultStyle;


                   DataType dataType = ExcelGenerator.GetDataType(cell.ValueType);

                   worksheetRow.Cells.Add(cell.FormattedValue.ToString().Trim(),dataType, cellStyle.ID);

                   //worksheetRow.Cells.Add(cell.FormattedValue.ToString(), dataType, cellStyle.ID);



           return workbook;


       private static string GetColorName(Color color)


           return ("#" + color.ToArgb().ToString("X").Substring(2));

           //return ("#" + color.ToArgb.ToString("X").Substring(2));


       private static DataType GetDataType(Type valueType)


           if (((!object.ReferenceEquals(valueType, typeof(DateTime)))))


               if ((object.ReferenceEquals(valueType, typeof(string))))


                   return DataType.String;


               if (((((((object.ReferenceEquals(valueType, typeof(sbyte))) || (object.ReferenceEquals(valueType, typeof(byte)))) || ((object.ReferenceEquals(valueType, typeof(short))) || (object.ReferenceEquals(valueType, typeof(UInt16))))) || (((object.ReferenceEquals(valueType, typeof(int))) || (object.ReferenceEquals(valueType, typeof(UInt32)))) || ((object.ReferenceEquals(valueType, typeof(long))) || (object.ReferenceEquals(valueType, typeof(UInt64)))))) || ((object.ReferenceEquals(valueType, typeof(float))) || (object.ReferenceEquals(valueType, typeof(double))))) || (object.ReferenceEquals(valueType, typeof(decimal)))))


                   return DataType.Number;



           return DataType.String;


       private static WorksheetStyle GetWorksheetStyle(DataGridViewCellStyle dataGridViewCellStyle, string id)


           WorksheetStyle worksheetStyle = null;

           if (((dataGridViewCellStyle != null)))


               worksheetStyle = new WorksheetStyle(id);

               if (!dataGridViewCellStyle.BackColor.IsEmpty)


                   if (dataGridViewCellStyle.BackColor.Name.ToString()!="Window")



                       worksheetStyle.Interior.Color = ExcelGenerator.GetColorName(dataGridViewCellStyle.BackColor);

                       worksheetStyle.Interior.Pattern = StyleInteriorPattern.Solid;



               if (!dataGridViewCellStyle.ForeColor.IsEmpty)


                   worksheetStyle.Font.Color = ExcelGenerator.GetColorName(dataGridViewCellStyle.ForeColor);


               if (((dataGridViewCellStyle.Font != null)))


                   worksheetStyle.Font.Bold = dataGridViewCellStyle.Font.Bold;

                   worksheetStyle.Font.FontName = dataGridViewCellStyle.Font.Name;

                   worksheetStyle.Font.Italic = dataGridViewCellStyle.Font.Italic;

                   worksheetStyle.Font.Size = (int)dataGridViewCellStyle.Font.Size;

                   worksheetStyle.Font.Strikethrough = dataGridViewCellStyle.Font.Strikeout;

                   worksheetStyle.Font.Underline = (dataGridViewCellStyle.Font.Underline ? UnderlineStyle.Single : UnderlineStyle.None);


               //worksheetStyle.Borders.Add(StylePosition.Top, LineStyleOption.Continuous, 1, "Black");

               //worksheetStyle.Borders.Add(StylePosition.Right, LineStyleOption.Continuous, 1, "Black");

               //worksheetStyle.Borders.Add(StylePosition.Bottom, LineStyleOption.Continuous, 1, "Black");

               //worksheetStyle.Borders.Add(StylePosition.Left, LineStyleOption.Continuous, 1, "Black");


           return worksheetStyle;



    I used that class for export to excel file but file export completed big size and spend long time to open it. Pls help me make it down size and open quickly.

    thank you so much.

  46. Israel says:

    Hello…Thank you so much for this usefull tool…this really works for me…and is so easy for implemantation too…

    I have just one question…see…I use your dll to create an Excel file from my web app…the problem is that when I run the app and generate the first Excel document, it works perfect, but if I generate another Excel document without restarting the app when I try to open the document it says that there is a problem with the table and the document cannot be opened…sometimes it says that there is an error with style too and the document cannot be opened…

    I try creating the table again, assigning the table = null, but it says that the table is read only so the only solution that I found was to make a Redirect to the same page so all the objects and variables needs to be inicialized again…

    but make a Redirect each time that I generate an Excel file is so annoying…

    Could you tell me please why Im getting this error message when I generate more than ONE Excel document in my app ???…


  47. RemithR says:

    I am getting the following warning message when using the excel writer with excel2007

    The file you are trying to open, ‘test.xls’ is in a different format than specified by the file extension. Verify that the file is not corrupted and is from a trusted source before opening the file. Dou you wan to open the file now?

    I could find a solution here at :

    but changing the registry setting of the client is not practical solution.

    Please let me know if you have any soultion on this?

  48. Rk says:

    Thank you very much for this excellent library.

    I implemented Excel Automation using this as i couldnt install Excel on server.

    I’m stuck on a tiny little detail here, I want the header Row to appear on each page in page setup for printing.I dont find a property to set it up in carlos Library.Am i missing something ? Please throw me few suggestions.

  49. Boadil JOnes says:

    Im trying to generate an excel file with the xmlwriter library and the file size of 4000 rows is 100+MB why this could be happenig?

  50. Mihai says:

    Hi, nice tool, but, I am able to open the generated file only in Microsoft's Excel, when I try to open  it  in Open Office's  Calc it shows me the XML how can I make it right?

  51. Rolf says:

    Does anyone know how to encode a pound sign properly in a number style..? I used the tool on Carlos' page to create VB code from an XML example but the supplied code results in a non printing character appearing in front of the pound sign.


  52. Rakhi Garg says:

    Hi, i am using same CarlosAg.ExcelXmlWriter.dll

    but, i struck when i want to load my existing excel sheet and want to add/update data in cells.

    i am using

    ExcelDatasetWriter dsw = new ExcelDatasetWriter();

    Workbook wb = dsw.CreateWorkbook();


    but, i am getting an error "Invalid character in the given encoding. Line 1, position 1." on wb.Load.

    Please help.

  53. Sandra says:

    You can use .NET Excel Library for creating Excel files i know one such library known as Aspose.Cells for .NET. Below is the link of this Library try it.…/excel-component.aspx

  54. houda says:

    Please how can I add picture in worksheet using CarlogAg, i neet this quicly.

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