Three errors, one cause: me!

A few days ago I was working on a repro I got from a customer as I very often do, and for some reason after a while my IIS started to behave oddly, pages where not served, the application pool was stuck doing “something” and whenever I tried to open the IIS Manager I got…


WPF, 3D and services: supported (again)?

I wrote about why GDI+ is not supported in a service a couple of years ago but this is still a debated topic (or I should better say a misunderstood topic), then WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) came into the game and it brought some more uncertainties with it. Recently I worked on a custom application…


LogParser & event logs on Vista/Windows 2008

I was discussing this morning with a customer, here’s a useful reminder to this post if you need to deal with “legacy” .evt logs on Vista/Win2008.       wevtutil epl application.evt application.evtx /lf:true CarloQuote of the day: That’s the secret to life… replace one worry with another…. – Charles M. Schulz


When Vista denies you access to “your” files…

For my work I have two desktops and a laptop I always bring with me, and  despite all the online synchronization tools out there (SkyDrive, FolderShare, Groove, Mesh etc…) I’m used to SyncToy to keep my important files and folders updated across the three machines; The same is true for my backup .pst files: the…


Share Favorites across different users on the same machine

If you have a dual boot machine like me (I installed Vista and Windows 2008 on one of my desktops in office) and you’re tired of synchronizing your Favorite folders like I was, here’s a quick trick: open the registry editor (as usual be careful!) and set HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Shell Folders\Favorites and HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\User Shell Folders\Favorites to the…


Need to print from a x64 machine? Can you wait 60 seconds?

I guess some of you might have developed a web application which, among other functionalities, prints some kind of report; and sooner or later you might consider to move the application to a 64 bit machine. At this is what this customer did. They had this ASP.NET application which allows the user to run some…


SyncToy not working on Vista x64?

I’ve been using SyncToy for quite a few months to keep in sync some folders between my laptop and the other two machines I have in office, and it always worked just great for me (I know, I should be using Groove instead but I’m not happy to have services and programs running when they…


Process on Vista: Administrator or user?

This is an easy (and maybe already known) one for this hot summer day: how can you know if a process on Vista is running as ad Administrator or as a user? Process Explorer will tell you:   Carlo


Avoid UAC prompt in IE component

Wow, this has been a tough one I closed this afternoon. The customer has developed a custom IE toolbar to interact with their portal, and found that when running this on Vista, IE displayed a warning dialog asking the user’s consent to run an external program; in particular that was happening when the toolbar was…


Security bug in Vista recovery console? Well… not quite…

My colleague Feliciano Intini (Chief Security Advisor here at Microsoft Italy) just pointed me to his post were he comments about a news which is (re)spreading across the web about a security hole in the recovery console in Windows Vista: if you can read Italian here is the post, otherwise go on an ready my translation….