Share Favorites across different users on the same machine

If you have a dual boot machine like me (I installed Vista and Windows 2008 on one of my desktops in office) and you’re tired of synchronizing your Favorite folders like I was, here’s a quick trick: open the registry editor (as usual be careful!) and set HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Shell Folders\Favorites and HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\User Shell Folders\Favorites to the…


Posters, posters and again posters…

First link-only post on this blog, it was supposed to happen sooner or later, I guess…   Here is a list of technology posters you can download, my favorites are the keyboard shortcut ones! By the way, thanks to Paulo for collecting the links! Developer Microsoft® Visual Basic® 2008 Default Keybindings Visual C# 2008 Default…


SyncToy not working on Vista x64?

I’ve been using SyncToy for quite a few months to keep in sync some folders between my laptop and the other two machines I have in office, and it always worked just great for me (I know, I should be using Groove instead but I’m not happy to have services and programs running when they…


Process on Vista: Administrator or user?

This is an easy (and maybe already known) one for this hot summer day: how can you know if a process on Vista is running as ad Administrator or as a user? Process Explorer will tell you:   Carlo


Google uses .NET…?!?

Have a look at this link: Uhm… let’s have a look at the source HTML of the page, and we’ll not find the "_VIEWSTATE" hidden field (it should be there also if we disable the viewstate in the @Page directly and for every control in the page) and the "__DoPostBack" Javascript method to submit…


Blog addict?

Uhm… should I try to improve or somehow "worsen" this figure? Carlo


Spell checker missing in Windows Live Writer beta 2

A few days ago I installed the newly released beta 2 of Windows Live Writer, and immediately noted (with a bit of disappointment) that the spell checker was missing…  After various tests (reinstalling on other machines I have, checking that all assembly versions were the right ones etc…) I decided to open a call through…


How Fast Can You Type?

Here is some OT fun to start the day Fingerjig is a fun little typing game that tests your accuracy and speed for randomly selected words (each level tests a different typing skill). From How Fast Can You Type? Direct link to the test:   Carlo


Caution: I’m an INTJ!

As Mike, I’m also interested in the psychological and unconscious side if human beings… and after reading this post I took the personality test based on the Myers-Briggs personality tests. Well, it turns out that I’m an INTJ (and here) . Preferred careers are in computer programming, engineering or natural science… very close! And also I…