The show goes on even if I’m on vacation

… so while I was taking a break from computers to move to a new house (I’m still packing and unpacking things), a few notable things happened: Internet Explorer 8 beta 2 has been released, Google released its new browser Chrome and my colleagues from the Italian Enterprise Support Group have started a team blog!…


Blog title context (reloaded)

As my fond readers might remember, I already rambled about the possibility of changing the blog title last year; nothing has really changed since that post, except the fact that every now and then I’ve been playing with the idea but at last I always put it back in a drawer with the promise to…


Time to say… see you later! :-)

  Carlo Quote of the Day: Sincerity is the highest compliment you can pay. –Ralph Waldo Emerson


Blog addict?

Uhm… should I try to improve or somehow "worsen" this figure? Carlo


Blog title contest

As I guess many of you have noted, I’m not native English speaking so even if I try to write in a simple and appropriate form to the context of this blog (and I should apoligize for my mistakes), I sometimes find miself wondering how to exactly express in English what I have in mind…


Happy Easter!



Connected again… finally!

After about 40 days of argues, debates, emails, calls etc… well… finally our beloved Telecom company found some time to give me a phone line and the long awaited broadband Internet connection!


I’ve been tagged :-)

So… this seems to be the game of this New Year (not really sure when it started, though)… Doug tagged me, so I’m now supposed to tell you 5 things you don’t know about me… here we are: I come from a completely different background: I studied Organ and Composition at the conservatory of Parma; do…


I’ve been on the move…

…and still I am! I moved to a new house, in a new town closer to the office (well… let’s say that now I have to drive in the traffic for just a little bit more that one hour instead of more that two hours I had before…), and as you can imagine I’ve been…


Sometime is obvious, but not for everyone

I just realized that my last post is 20 days old… I spent this time working on support calls I own (or course, that’s my job!), reading documentation and playing to get ready for the upcoming releases I’m quite sure you already heard about (Vista, Ajax, IIS 7, Internet Explorer 7…), reading some good books in my…