The show goes on even if I’m on vacation

… so while I was taking a break from computers to move to a new house (I’m still packing and unpacking things), a few notable things happened: Internet Explorer 8 beta 2 has been released, Google released its new browser Chrome and my colleagues from the Italian Enterprise Support Group have started a team blog!…


Blog title context (reloaded)

As my fond readers might remember, I already rambled about the possibility of changing the blog title last year; nothing has really changed since that post, except the fact that every now and then I’ve been playing with the idea but at last I always put it back in a drawer with the promise to…


Time to say… see you later! :-)

  Carlo Quote of the Day: Sincerity is the highest compliment you can pay. –Ralph Waldo Emerson


Blog addict?

Uhm… should I try to improve or somehow "worsen" this figure? Carlo


How Fast Can You Type?

Here is some OT fun to start the day Fingerjig is a fun little typing game that tests your accuracy and speed for randomly selected words (each level tests a different typing skill). From How Fast Can You Type? Direct link to the test:   Carlo


Blog title contest

As I guess many of you have noted, I’m not native English speaking so even if I try to write in a simple and appropriate form to the context of this blog (and I should apoligize for my mistakes), I sometimes find miself wondering how to exactly express in English what I have in mind…


Caution: I’m an INTJ!

As Mike, I’m also interested in the psychological and unconscious side if human beings… and after reading this post I took the personality test based on the Myers-Briggs personality tests. Well, it turns out that I’m an INTJ (and here) . Preferred careers are in computer programming, engineering or natural science… very close! And also I…


Happy Easter!