ASP.NET 1.1 not configurable in IIS Manager?

If you search the Internet you’ll likely find a good number of articles and blog posts about how to configure ASP.NET 1.1 on IIS 7, here are a couple of good examples:

Something I have not found written elsewhere is why it is not possible configure ASP.NET properties from the IIS Manager interface? Even if you correctly configure the application pool (32 bit, Classic pipeline), use the workaround to avoid the error on applicationHost.config, add the IgnoreSectionHandler to avoid ASP.NET 1.1 runtime exceptions due to the not recognized IIS 7 configuration tags and finally the ASP.NET 1.1 pages works fine and are served correctly, you’ll not have the “ASP.NET” icon group in IIS Manager:

Missing "ASP.NET" tab

As you can imagine, if you move the application to an application pool where you are running ASP.NET 2.0, the icon group appears where you expect it to be:

With "ASP.NET" Tab

Well, it turns out that ASP.NET 1.1 configuration is not supported by InetMgr.exe (the IIS Manager), you have to use appcmd.exe using /commit:machine (for machine.config) or /commit:webroot (for the root web.config) to check if the changes work and they end up where they are supposed to. Note, there are some limitations because of the lack of a complete schema; if you feel brave enough you can create your own custom schema, I do not think (this is my opinion, I do not have an official work on this) that Microsoft will provide such schema. Or if you are even braver you can edit the .config files directly in Notepad, but this sounds like business for real geeks… how much geek do you feel? Nerd smile



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