Cool File Manager: Servant Salamander

I started to use this tool almost 6 years ago, in my previous life before Microsoft because it was quite widely used in my former Company; at the beginning I didn't like it very much, I was used to Windows Explorer and at that time the Salamander's capabilities where not as refined as they are in the current version. But since I'm quite curious I decided to for with it for a while as an experiment, and guess what? I've never returned back from that experiment and to Windows Explorer smile_regular. As the time and releases went by, new features where added (and still more are being developed), the user interface refined and performance and reliability improved...

So, what I like most of this tool? Well, quite a few things, actually...

  • I'm a keyboard shortcut addict, and almost anything you can do with the Salamander has a shortcut key (and this is probably it main strength, in my opinion)
  • The two resizable panels have easily customizable views (Brief, Detailed, Icons, Thumbnails etc...)
  • You can browse your File System, your System Registry, open and navigate archives (like .zip, .rar etc...), ISO files and more inside the panels, like if you are still browsing your hard drive
  • The full edition comes with a a whole bunch of plug-ins which allow you to work with compressed archives, ISO files, file viewers (also for Office formats), and Undelete feature which works very well (and saved my life a couple of times, already), FTP client etc...
  • A nice copy/move feature which can be paused if needed
  • Customizable hot paths to easily navigate to your favorite folders
  • And more... it's up to you to find you, if you wish! smile_wink

The current version is marked as "2.5 CR2"but I've been using it for quite a while now and it has proved to be very stable and fully functional (never had a crash or other problems so far fingerscrossed). Now it's time to check yourself smile_nerd: Servant Salamander main page and download.


Update (08/05/2007):
The tool has been renamed to Altap Salamander, and version 2.5 RTM is ready for download



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  1. As I did in a previous post , here is another nice tool I’ve been using for a few weeks now, which I

  2. As I did in a previous post , here is another nice tool I've been using for a few weeks now, which

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