FSharpChart minor release available (version 0.56)

The new version of FSharp.Chart (formely FSharpChart) can now be found on GitHib at: http://fsharp.github.io/FSharp.Charting/

I have provided a minor update to FSharpChart, which can be downloaded from the usual place:


This is a minor release that adds support for some Title and Border properties when working with Axis and Legends.

Also, thanks to a community suggestion I have also added support for modifying the Marker associated with a series. To modify the Marker for a data series one can now write:

[ for i in 1. .. 20. .. 1000.0 -> i, rnd.NextDouble() ]
|> FSharpChart.Line
|> FSharpChart.WithSeries.Marker(Style=MarkerStyle.Star4, Color=Color.Black)

This renders the chart:


Don’t forget the package is also available from NuGet:



Comments (3)

  1. Thanks for incorporating my suggestions. You didn't include the fix for keeping the area, legend and margin options when combining charts. In my fix (at github.com/…/FSharpChart) I'm only keeping the options from the first subchart, but we could probably improve it by merging all the options from all subcharts together.

  2. Carl Nolan says:

    Was not sure what you meant by this, your code links were not working; the other stuff was fortunately easy.

    I also added some Border properties as some were missing.

    Thanks for the Marker suggestion; nice addition.

    What issue are you seeing? Are the legends disppearing for a combined chart. Will have a look later in the week.

  3. When you have a chart displayed in a form and want to interactively add a new series on top of it, you replace the chart you add with a combined chart of the original one plus the new one you want to overlay. The problem is that if the original chart had margins, axis labels, etc… configured, when creating the combined chart those options will be lost and you have to repeat all of your WithMargin and WithArea calls. Check these two commits:

    See github.com/…/e1a53455aacfca8c3525f70b28bc911cd17a9c2c and github.com/…/79c7a342fa7126e7e78ca337937ebd3d372838fb

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