Windows Azure AppFabric Access Control Service released!

We are very happy to announce the general availability of the April release of Windows Azure AppFabric Access Control Service!


The new version of the Access Control Service includes all the great capabilities and enhancements that have been available in the Labs release of the service for several months. Now you can start using these capabilities in production.


The new version of the service adds the following capabilities:


Federation provider and Security Token Service

  • Out of box federation with Active Directory Federation Services 2.0, Windows Live ID, Google, Yahoo, Facebook

New authorization scenarios

  • Delegation using OAuth 2.0

Improved developer experience

  • New web-based management portal
  • Fully programmatic management using OData
  • Works with Windows Identity Foundation

Additional protocol support

  • WS-Federation, WS-Trust, OpenID 2.0, OAuth 2.0 (Draft 13)

This release represents a major enhancement to the previous version of Access Control Service, enabling new web application and web service federation scenarios. What’s more, we are excited to announce that Access Control Service will be offered at no charge during the promotion period ending January 1, 2012!

Please use the following resources to learn more about this release:

If you have any questions, be sure to visit the Security for the Windows Azure Platform section of the MSDN forums. 

If you have not signed up for Windows Azure AppFabric and would like to start using these great new capabilities, be sure to take advantage of our free trial offer. Just click on the image below and get started today!

The Access Control Service Product Team

Comments (2)

  1. Jon says:

    This is fantastic! I am building my web application and it is great that I don't have to write custom authentication code for Facebook, Google, Live Id and Yahoo! Adding an option for Twitter would be nice as well.

  2. F.C.Canpbell. says:

    _Ey! …keep me informed.!


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