Access Control for Windows Phone 7 Apps

With the U.S. release of Windows Phone 7 around the corner, I’m excited to share a sample that shows some of our early thinking around how ACS in LABS can be used to enable sign in to web services… from the phone apps.

This makes it simple to write REST services, for Windows Phone 7 Silverlight applications, that can be used millions of users, including those at Live ID, Facebook, Google, Yahoo and AD FS accounts.

To see it in action, check out Vittorio’s PDC talk. The sample appears in the last few minutes, but I recommend watching the full talk.

As an early sample of how mobile apps may be supported, your feedback is very valuable. Download it and try it out!


Caleb Baker

Program Manager - Access Control Services


Comments (1)

  1. Robb Schiefer says:

    When will the ACS updates be released for commercial use?

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