“Programming Windows Identity Foundation” is available!

My name is Peter Kron and I’m a Principal Software Developer on the Windows Identity Foundation team. Over the last year it has been my pleasure to work with Vittorio Bertocci as the technical reviewer for his latest book, Programming Windows Identity Foundation. Many of you will recognize Vittorio from his engaging sessions at PDC, TechEd, IDWorld and other conferences, or follow his popular blog, Vibro.NET. He has also authored or co-authored other books for Microsoft Press.

Vittorio is a Senior Architect Evangelist with Microsoft and over the past five years has been active (and if you know Vittorio, you know that is very active) in helping customers develop SOA based on WCF and, most recently, Identity.

His experience working through real-world scenarios with numerous developers makes him an ideal choice to write this book. He knows the issues they have faced and how Microsoft technologies like WCF and WIF can be brought to bear on them. In this book, Vittorio takes the reader through basic scenarios and explains the power of claims. He shows how to quickly create a simple claims-based application using WIF. Beyond that, he systematically explores the extensibility points of WIF and how to use them to handle more sophisticated scenarios such as Single Sign-on, delegation, and claims transformation, among others.

Vittorio goes on to detail the major classes and methods used by WIF in both passive browser-based applications and active WCF services. Finally he explores using WIF as your applications move to cloud-based Windows Azure roles and RIA futures.

I think you’ll find this book a valuable tool for learning how to build claims-based web applications and services. Or you will keep a copy handy for reference, as I do. The book is available now from Microsoft Press, and all of the sample code described in the book is available for download.

All of us on the WIF team are happy to see this in print (and e-book)!

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