WIF Workshops, June 2010 update for Identity Training Kit, and a Patterns & Practices Guide on “Claims-based Identity”

Vittorio in DPE (Developer Platform and Evangelism) team has been touring the world evangelizing claims based identity model and WIF. As a result, there is an excellent set of resources for you to learn WIF! Check out the 10-part WIF Workshop recordings that cover the topics such as basics of claims-based identity and WIF, the scenarios that WIF enables, how WIF plugs into the ASP.NET pipeline, how WIF plays with WCF, and how WIF plays a key role for identity management in Azure. If you want to grab the presentation decks of these WIF Workshops, check out the latest June 2010 update of the Identity Developer Training Kit.

Eugenio Pace in Patterns & Practices team has published a guide on “Claims-based Identity and Access Control”. It is an excellent guide to understand the benefits of claims-based identity model when you are planning a new application or making changes to existing applications that require user identity information. You can also purchase a hard copy of this guide from your favorite online book stores.

Other References and Resources:

Azure team’s recent blog post on WIF in Azure

WIF Product Documentation on MSDN

WIF Whitepaper for Developers


Happy coding with WIF!

Sesha Mani

On behalf of WIF Team

Comments (1)

  1. kingxu says:

    But how can I get the ClaimIdentity at client side?

    I have set up the WebServiceAndIdentity project,and it runs OK. But After call the method successfully, I want to get the Claims at client side. I use the codes below,

     IClaimsIdentity identity = (ClaimsIdentity)Thread.CurrentPrincipal.Identity;

     foreach(Claim claim in identity.Claims)



    And I received a Convertion error, the CurrentPrincipal did not contain the user information, how can I retrieve it?

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