WIF Support for Windows Server 2003

Windows Identity Foundation support for Windows Server 2003 SP2 is coming in December 2009. This package will be in English (en-US) and six other languages: German (de-DE), Spanish (es-ES), French (fr-FR), Italian (it-IT), Dutch (nl-NL), and Japanese (ja-JP). Stay tuned for further updates!


You can download the WIF packages for these operating systems here:

·         Windows 7

·         Windows Server 2008 R2

·         Windows Server 2008 SP2

·         Windows Vista SP2

Comments (4)

  1. atrommer says:

    Hello!  Congrats on the release!

    Is WIF for Win2003 still on target for December?  We’re planning out an implementation, and since WIF came out of beta as Win2008-only, we are unable to deploy on our testing environment, which will remain 2003 for some time.


  2. dpt-uus says:

    We are also really waiting on the 2003 support so we can finish our implementation planning. Thanks for any updated precision you can provide on this release!

  3. caidong says:

    Any updates on Windows 2003 support?

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