CardSpace Geneva Beta 2 Samples Package

With the release of Beta 2 comes a set of samples specifically targeted towards CardSpace developers.  Whether you are a web developer or a C++ programmer, you are sure to learn something new in our CardSpace Geneva Beta 2 Samples.

The samples pack covers three broad areas:

·         A series of incremental web page samples showing how to invoke CardSpace, culminating in a sample that shows error handling and progress spinners for long-running operations like policy and token retrieval.


·         A sample that shows using Geneva Framework’s WSFederationAuthenticationModule to protect a web site with CardSpace credentials.


·         A sample for VC++ programmers that demonstrates CardSpace’s API for native programs.  If you have wanted to include the CardTile in your own program or browser extension, this is for you!


To install the samples, just unzip them and follow the instructions in the included readme file.  Enjoy! If you have any feedback, please share it in the forums.

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