“Geneva” at RSA2009 and TechEd

For the last several months, the Geneva team (CardSpace, Framework, and Server) have all been heads down, working on getting our Beta 2 out the door. And now, we are finally in the home stretch!

Geneva featured in RSA2009 keynote

One recurring theme at this year’s RSA conference has been identity. In Microsoft’s “Moving Towards End to End Trust: A Collaborative Effort” keynote, Scott Charney spent significant time discussing identity. You can watch the presentation here (from the “Tuesday, April 21” menu).


Geneva at RSA2009


Scott explained that to achieve end to end trust, we need to provide a missing “trusted people” layer to the trusted stack. The identity metasystem (listen from 21:02) and the “Geneva” platform (listen from 26:31) play an important role to fill the gap.


Geneva will be at TechEd

TechEd is coming up very soon. May 11-15, 2009. And the Geneva team will be there! There will be many sessions talking about Geneva, including two Hands-On-Labs. For a list of sessions, click here. (key word: Geneva) Additionally, we will, of course, have a booth at the expo where you can come by and meet us, or ask us questions.

Please stop by and give us your feedback!

Geneva TAP (Technology Adoption Program) Status

We have been overwhelmed by the amount of enthusiasm and the number of the very compelling applications to join our TAP. It was a very difficult process to try to choose the right set of varied scenarios and customers to support. We wanted to try to cover as diverse a set of different usage scenarios and customers as our team could support. But now, I am happy to say that our TAP program is underway. In the coming months, the things we learn from how these customers are deploying and using Geneva should find their way into a set of best practices and templates that everyone will benefit from. Expect to hear more about this in coming months as these take shape.

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