Announcing the AD FS 2.0 Release Candidate and More

We are happy to announce several updated federated identity product releases that are available NOW! ·          Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) 2.0 (previously known as Geneva Server) release candidate (RC) ·          Microsoft Federation Extensions for SharePoint 3.0 RC ·          Windows CardSpace 2.0 Beta 2 Refresh AD FS 2.0 RC There is a lot…


Announcing WIF support for Windows Server 2003 !!

We are glad to announce that Windows Identity Foundation (WIF) RTW for Windows Server 2003 is available NOW! This release supports both Windows Server 2003 SP2 and Windows Server 2003 R2 platforms and following seven languages: English (en-us), German (de-DE), Spanish (es-ES), French (fr-FR), Italian (it-IT), Dutch (nl-NL), and Japanese (ja-JP). You can download the…


WIF Support for Windows Server 2003

Windows Identity Foundation support for Windows Server 2003 SP2 is coming in December 2009. This package will be in English (en-US) and six other languages: German (de-DE), Spanish (es-ES), French (fr-FR), Italian (it-IT), Dutch (nl-NL), and Japanese (ja-JP). Stay tuned for further updates!   You can download the WIF packages for these operating systems here:…


Using WIF on a WCF Client

For developers familiar with WCF, a WCF client is already federation aware. By configuring a WCF client with a WSFederationHttpBinding or similar custom binding, it is possible to enable federated authentication to a service. WCF takes care of obtaining the issued token behind the scenes, and uses this token to authenticate to the service. The…


Windows Identity Foundation (WIF) RTM announced !!

We are very glad to announce that Windows Identity Foundation (WIF) has shipped! The official announcement of WIF RTM is made by Bob Muglia yesterday in his Keynote speech at PDC’09 Conference in Los Angeles. We are very excited to make this announcement at PDC’09 aligning with many other key product announcements made in PDC’09….


Announcing Windows Identity Foundation (WIF) Release Candidate

We are happy to announce that Release Candidate (RC) of Windows Identity Foundation (previously known as Geneva Framework) is available NOW!   It comes with lots of great new features and with comprehensive set of samples in the WIF SDK.   This release contains major updates and new features such as: ·         Refactored WSTrustClient as…


How Windows Identity Foundation helps with access control and what is its relationship to AzMan

The new Identity and Access products wave from Microsoft brings a new, claims-based, approach to identity and access space. This new approach is based on the principles defined by the Identity Meta-System. Windows Identity Foundation (WIF), which is part of this new Identity and Access products wave, gives applications a much richer and flexible way…


AD FS v2.0 Passes Liberty Alliance SAML 2.0 Interoperability Testing

Interoperability of identity systems is an important consideration for a large percentage of customers. With this in mind we chose to participate in 8 weeks of SAML 2.0 testing, which is was conducted by the Drummond Group Inc.  As previously announced, we entered testing with three profiles, IdP Lite, SP Lite and EGov 1.5.  …


Identity Samples available on Code Gallery

    Our friends in the DPE team recently published on Code Gallery three Windows identity Foundationsamples:   ·         FabrikamShipping. This is a fairly complete example of how to use the Windows identity Foundation for addressing common tasks in the development of web solutions: accepting identities from an external identity provider, driving the UI using…


CardSpace Geneva Beta 2 Samples Package

With the release of Beta 2 comes a set of samples specifically targeted towards CardSpace developers.  Whether you are a web developer or a C++ programmer, you are sure to learn something new in our CardSpace Geneva Beta 2 Samples. The samples pack covers three broad areas: ·         A series of incremental web page samples…