Using the CardTile with “Geneva” Framework

In an earlier posts, Colin described how to handcraft a web page to implement the new CardTile feature of CardSpace “Geneva” and Oren points out a way to require user interaction during authentication. This post will now explain how the “Geneva” Framework makes implementing these features quick and easy. The InformationCard Control As mentioned in…


The CardSpace “Geneva” Selection Experience

My name is Oren Melzer and I’m a developer on the CardSpace team. In this post, I am going to talk a bit about the newly designed selector in the new CardSpace “Geneva” beta. Based on feedback from v1, one of our primary goals in designing the CardSpace “Geneva” selector was to give the user…


Simplified Trust Establishment using “Geneva”: Part 1

  If you want your application to externalize user authentication to a Security Token Service (STS), you must consider: How are you going to identify your application to the STS? What type of security token are you expecting? What claims do you expect inside the token? What endpoint should your application’s users send requests for…


Help Topics

How to configure “Geneva” Framwork ASP.NET Controls    


New in CardSpace "Geneva": the CardTile

Hi, my name is Colin Dellow and I’m a developer on the CardSpace team. In Windows CardSpace “Geneva” beta, we’ve added a visual component to the OBJECT tag that we call the “CardTile.” The CardTile shows the user the last card they submitted to a given site or the purple Information Card icon if they…


“Geneva” Server Beta

We’re excited to tell you more about the beta release of “Geneva” Server.  In this post we’ll talk a bit about what “Geneva” Server is, as well as discuss the features of “Geneva” Server.  As you may have read already, “Geneva” Server is one component of the broader “Geneva” claims based access (CBA) platform.  The…


Microsoft “Geneva” Framework

We’re excited to announce the Beta release of Microsoft Code Name “Geneva” Framework. This framework is the successor to our previous beta release code named “Zermatt”. This release, in addition to adding some new features, polishes up many of the existing features that were available in the previous Zermatt release. Our primary motivation for the…