Exiting CardSpace after Installing or Restoring Cards

Here’s another change we made in .NET Framework 3.5 to
improve our user experience. Users often got confused on what to do after
installing a managed card or restoring their backed up cards when initiated
outside of CardSpace. This would usually be initiated by double clicking on a *.crd
or *.crds file or opening a managed card file off a webpage.

In the previous flow, after clicking Install
or Restore, the user would be returned to their card list with no
remaining steps to do besides exiting the program.

Install Managed Card - .NET Framework 3.0 

Restore Cards - .NET Framework 3.0

Therefore we’ve changed the flow to automatically exit the
program after successfully adding the card(s). We’ve also changed the text in
the button to notify the user that CardSpace will exit when that button is
clicked. That way they won’t think CardSpace just suddenly closed or crashed on

Install Managed Card - .NET Framework 3.5

Restore Card - .NET Framework 3.5

Like most of the other user experience changes we made (i.e.
having full-color for the default
self-issued card
), these were driven mainly by user feedback. We really
appreciate all the feedback. Please keep it coming!

//Toland Hon

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  1. Vibro.NET says:

    Here we are again. I can't believe it's already THREE weeks I've posted part I of this post! Well, this

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