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As part of preparing for the User-Centric Identity Interop event last month, the team I’m on, Federated Identity (which owns CardSpace as well as ADFS "2"), set up a web site hosting a set of Identity Provider and Relying Party services enabling the interoperability of our code to be tested against other implementations on the net.  Special thanks to Shiung Yong and Daniel Wu for doing most of the work on this. 

If you want to check out the site, it’s at  From the site you can create an account and download a managed card.  Currently the site requires you to set up relying party policies, so you can specify which RP’s you want to be able to send which claims to.  There is a test Relying Party utilizing a relying party STS and another accepting Information Cards over a regular http (no-SSL) connection is also available.
We plan to continue to add to the site, enabling new scenarios and adding some of our new technologies.  I’ll be sure to keep you updated as we make changes. 
Take it for a spin and let us know how it goes.


Caleb Baker

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