Sign in with Information Cards

to be welcomed
to the blogosphere by identity guru Kim Cameron!  Unsurprisingly, he
immediately pointed out the big problem with the blog, that we don’t yet
support Information Cards.  

Meanwhile, the MSDN
blog site they’re on doesn’t yet seem to show any signs of supporting
Information Cards for leaving comments.  Maybe I’m just missing it, or
maybe Caleb can drum up some info on when that is going to be turned

can assure everybody we’re working on it.  Part of the point of running
the blog is getting involved in the community, and sharing the experiences
others are having, such as working with relying parties (such as MSDN blogs) to
help them accept Information Cards.  We’ve started the conversation with
MSDN are looking into ways for them to accept Information Cards, either
directly, via Live ID, or both!

be sure to post as we make progress.


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