MIX08 Experience from Sean Diamond

Thanks to MIX, I had the opportunity to met with Sean, who is a recent grad at Queens University but already has his own company, UTours. UTours is a resource website that help students to choose the right post-secondary school by listening to the advice given by current and recent grads from a particular university….


MIX08 Experience from Kerri McKenna

Kerri and I got to know each other when I first joined Microsoft last year. I remember during my first meeting at imason, she opened my eyes with elegant Sharepoint portal design projects she was working on. Kerri is part of imason’s User Experience team, and wears a lot of different hats when it comes…


MIX08: A Conference Summary

MIX08 came and went and I’ve had a chance to reflect on its impact over the weekend.  I have to say that the content really impressed me.  Some of the exciting news for me: IE8 is going to surprise a lot of people.  I’m looking forward to digging deep into the experience the browser gives…

MIX08 Photo Stack

MIX08 has ended but there’s a lot of great memories. I created a photo stack in Popfly to capture some Canadian MIXers moments. Technorati Tags: MIX08,MIX photos,Canadian MIXers


MIX08 – March 6 Summary

Another great day here in Las Vegas.  Some great sessions on a variety of topics today as well as some very good discussions on the state of technology and the web today. Above:  Tyler Simpson (left) and Nishant Kothary (right) presenting the session Microsoft Expression Web: From Comp, to CSS, to Code! Above:  Danny Riddell…


Zoomable UI with Silverlight Deep Zoom Technology

One of the most impressive demos during the MIX keynote yesterday was the Hard Rock Memorabilia Site. Users can browse through thousands of pieces of Rock-n-Roll memorabilia in the Hard Rock collection! The zoomable UI technology is called “Deep Zoom,” which allow you to zoom in seamlessly and see incredible detail like fingerprints and photographer’s…

MIX08 – March 5 Summary

The first day of MIX08 has come and gone with a lot of interesting news.  The keynote was this morning and then a series of breakout sessions, followed by the Attendee Party at TAO. For information on the keynote this morning, please refer to the detailed report provided by Qixing.  If you wish to view…


MIX08 Keynote Technology Downloads

Tim Sneath has a great summary of links the technologies we announced at the MIX08 keynote this morning.  If you’re interested in playing with these technologies (including IE8, Silverlight 2, Expression 2 and ASP.NET MVC), you’ll want to see his post. Paul Technorati Tags:  Canadian MIXers, MIX08

MIX Keynote and Updates

MIX08 starts today!  There will be a lot of activity at the Venetian this morning as people get prepared to hear the MIX08 keynote with Ray Ozzie, Scott Guthrie and Dean Hachamovitch.  I’ll be blogging about it but I will also try to Twitter the important parts.  If you use Twitter, feel free to follow…