Oh yeah, it’s on: welcome to the party, Windows Phone 7 Series.

    Today marks a sea change in Microsoft’s mobile device strategy and how we are going to market in the smartphone space.  This change is fundamental rather than incremental; we have completely re-written the book on how a Windows Phone looks, behaves and interacts with a user.  With the MIX10 opening keynote (you can…


Expression Resource for Designers

In the last Silverlight User Group meeting, someone asked me about Expression and Silverlight resources for designers. Here’s a list of resources that my friend Arturo Toledo at Expression marketing team provided. expression.microsoft.com – Expression Community Site with all sorts of resources microsoft.com/expression – Expression Marketing Site  with good demo videos microsoft.com/video – Look under…


Guest Post: MIX09 Day 1: The “Software” in “Software + Services”

From now through the end of the MIX09 conference in Las Vegas, Rob Burke will be providing his insights from the conference on a daily basis. Robert Burke is a Toronto-based IT Consultant who’s attending his fourth MIX event this year.  By day he’s knee-deep in Microsoft User Experience technologies, including Silverlight and the Windows…


Morten’s Expression Web 2 Learning Resource

We’ve introduced Morten Rand-Hendriksen couple of times in this blog and followed his amazing journey from learning Expression Web to a Expression Web expert. Recently, he published his first book titled  “Sams Teach Yourself Microsoft Expression Web 2 in 24 Hours” and his article on “How to create a Pure CSS Drop-Down menu” appeared in…


Microsoft Expression Social

Today we released social bookmaking capabilities for there major Microsoft resource sites: MSDN (targeted at developers), TechNet (targeted at IT Professionals), and our own Expression Community site. I checked out the Expression site and made my own "social footprint." I like the social networking direction our online resource team is going. Able to network with…


Expression Resource

Lately, I received several requests from both designers and UX professors about training on Expression Studio, which can help them jump start with the tools. There are so many different online training out there, so it’s hard to figure out where to get started. I’ve looked through the training focusing on Expression and created the…


The Expression Professional Subscription is now live

In a previous post, I mentioned that Microsoft was bringing out the new Expression Professional Subscription to help designers build great experiences in WPF and Silverlight.  The Subscription is now live and can be purchased. The site can be found here. Again, the benefits of the subscription are many, some of which are listed below:…


Hook up with Parallels

Paul and Qixing have been talking about Expression 2 and the Expression Professional Subscription. I have been running Expression on my MacBook Pro since I arrived at Microsoft Canada in Parallels or with Bootcamp. It’s been great having access to both platform, particularly for testing CSS and cross-platform browser compatibility for web development. Being able…


The Expression Professional Subscription

As Qixing mentioned in the previous post, Expression 2 is now live and available for trial download.  One of the cool new things that is being introduced with Expression 2 is the Expression Professional Subscription, starting in June 2008.  If you are a designer, developer or wear both hats, this might be an option you…


MIX08 Keynote Technology Downloads

Tim Sneath has a great summary of links the technologies we announced at the MIX08 keynote this morning.  If you’re interested in playing with these technologies (including IE8, Silverlight 2, Expression 2 and ASP.NET MVC), you’ll want to see his post. Paul Technorati Tags:  Canadian MIXers, MIX08