Download the Expression 3 Starter Kits

Getting started with Expression Studio 3? Here are 4 great learning kits to help you get things started. Introduction to Prototyping with Sketchflow in Expression Blend 3: Assets, Guide and Video Package Discover Sketchflow, a new feature set in Expression Blend 3 that helps you define the concept for user experiences in early stages of…


[Mini-Tutorial] Blend 3: Rich Interactivity with No Code

The idea of creating rich interactivity without code should sound very appearing to designers, because we want to turn static UI into interactive prototypes and test out our design ideas quickly. In Blend 3, “Behaviors” are packaged, re-usable building blocks of interactivity. They can be visually applied to UI components in the application using drag…


[Mini-Tutorial] Blend 3: Visual Data Binding

As your project evolves from simple sketches to prototypes, you may want to add some real interactivity to it. There are two useful tools in Blend make this really easy: Sample Data and Behaviors. This tutorial will focus on Sample Data and how designers can bind data visually in Blend. The next tutorial will be…


[Mini-Tutorial] Blend 3: SketchFlow Part II

Bill Buxton talks about the difference between “Sketch” and “Prototype” in this his Sketching User Experiences. (see the summary below) I agree sketching is an important part of the design process, but often times it’s hard to share our paper and pen sketches and get feedback from others. Following Part I of the SketchFlow tutorial,…


[Mini-Tutorial] Blend 3: SketchFlow Part I

Two years and an half ago, when I first joined Microsoft, we were getting ready to release Expression Studio 1. Expression Blend is a key product in the studio and works closely with Visual Studio. It was a great first step to support designers with visual tools to help them build rich interactive web and…


Investing in Your Skills – A Collection of Courses

  Hi! My name is Rini Gahir. I’m the Senior Product Manager for Developer Tools (which includes Visual Studio and Expression Studio) here at Microsoft Canada. It’s an honour to be granted a regular blog spot on the Canadian User Experience blogosphere alongside Paul and Qixing. My goal is to add value by providing business…


Silverlight Training in French

One of our great partners out of Quebec, RunAtServer Consulting, has just created a great, three-day course on Silverlight 2 and they will be conducting it in various cities in Quebec.  The details of the course can be found here and here, but it is a very in-depth course for those of you interested in…


Hook up with Parallels

Paul and Qixing have been talking about Expression 2 and the Expression Professional Subscription. I have been running Expression on my MacBook Pro since I arrived at Microsoft Canada in Parallels or with Bootcamp. It’s been great having access to both platform, particularly for testing CSS and cross-platform browser compatibility for web development. Being able…


Expression Studio 2 Shipped Today!

Less then 2 months we announced the Expression Studio 2 Beta at MIX, today we shipped Studio 2. The Expression homepage also got a new look: softer and lighter compared to the dark theme for Studio 1. Check out the key features in Expression Studio 2. Technorati Tags: Expression Studio 2


DreamSpark – No-Cost Software Access Program for Students

This is super exciting news! I’ve been telling students about Channel8 and today on Channel8, we launched an unprecedented No-Cost Software Access Program called “DreamSpark.” Microsoft DreamSpark ™ is a program that provides no-cost access to Microsoft designer and development tools for verified students around the world, to support and advance their learning and skills…