50 Interactive Web Applications in Silverlight

There are many ways to embrace Silverlight’s rich interactive features on the web such as in online advertising, interactive e-learning, data visualization, gaming, etc. Recently, blog “Noupe” listed 50 Interactive Silverlight Applications to showcase the interactive experience can be accomplished by Silverlight. Here are some of my favorite ones. Online Classroom This application is a…


Cool Natural User Interface Demo from MSR

During this year’s college tour, our chief Research and Strategy Office, Craig Mundie, demonstrated how technology can help solve the world’s toughest problems. One of the demos is on Natural User Interface (NUI) in a search scenario (see the video below). I was very excited to see the demo because it combined a number of…


Berlin Wall Photo Mosaic in Silverlight

As the World is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall today, a digital project is also underway to remember the historical moment. Thousands of pictures are posted by people in the community to create their impression of the fall of the wall. Check out the photo mosaic in Silverlight Deepzoom.


Blending Physical and Virtual Reality

If you haven’t seen the video below, you have to check it out! It’s one of the coolest Surface demos I’ve seen. Adding physics engine to virtual objects really blurs the line between physical and virtual objects. It’s quite magical that you can draw a simple circle and turn it into a magnetic field where…


Software + Service in Plain English

As I was searching around earlier this week for a good way of explaining “Software + Service,” the following video comes to the perfect rescue. This video is a great example of using simple drawing to tell an interesting story and explaining a hard concept. It not only explains what is S+S but also talks…


Quince: Explore UX Patterns in Silverlight

Infragistics, one of the top UI controls vendors, has recently launched Quince – a UX Patterns Explorer in Silverlight. You can explore various UX Patterns by User Tasks, Tag Relations, and Wireframe (i.e. arranged by their UI positions). Of course you can also search for a UX Pattern. Once you find the pattern you like,…


Microsoft Innovation News

Here is a list of innovative projects from various Microsoft labs. Many of these projects are handy tools that you can try out today. From Live Labs Thumbtack lets users collect snippets of information from Web sites and share the collections with others. "Social Streams is a Live Labs project whose mission is to aggregate,…


Now Everyone Can Play with Photosynth!

Another great thing happened during my vacation last month is the public launch of Photosynth. Now everyone can play with Photosynth and create their own synths. It’s one of the Microsoft innovations really caught my attention when I first saw it earlier last year. I’ve been showing demos to different UX community groups and got…


The Mojave Experiment

I’m back from my vacation in China now. In addition to watch Olympics with my family and friends, I did quite a few things I haven’t done before like climbing water falls with metal chain, ride on the those bamboo rafts that I saw so many times in Chinese Kungfu shows, flying on top of…


Enterprise 2.0 – Midori + SharePoint

My good friends Gene, Jess and team at nForm have finally demonstrated their awesome new project management applicaiton Midori. Midori is built on top of Sharepoint. And uses a completely custom layout engine. Part of Midori is an engine that gives us complete control over SharePoint’s interface and interactions. We’re still refining the interface, but…