MIX08 Early Registration Ends Today! (Now Extends to Jan. 31)

Update: Due to popular demand, the MIX08 early-bird registration has been extended two weeks. If you register by 11:59 PM, Thursday, January 31st you will save $200 off the Full Conference Registration $1295.   Today (January 15, 2008) is the last day to register for the Early-Bird discount at MIX08. David and I are both going…


Expression Media Podcasts

Here is a series of short podcasts on using Expression Media for digital asset management created by an Australian company called Gekko Images. There is also a list of Expression Media case studies you can check out on the site.   Technorati Tags: Expression Media, podcasts


Microsoft Download Center: Silverlight or not?

Thanks for Ben’s comment to my last post and a reality check! 🙂 The new download center with Silverlight is in its beta, there are a number of usability issues we need to improve on especially that there are no accessibility features in the current version. With that said, the comment got me thinking about…


News Multiples for Jan. 8th 2008

A number of exciting news are coming that I’d like to share with you. Zune is coming to Canada this Spring!  This is one of the biggest announcements we made at CES 2008. For people that don’t know about Zune, Zune is our music and entertainment brand that provides an integrated digital entertainment experience. The…


Vista Sidebar Gadgets

Last month I did a webcast on Vista Sidebar Gadgets and how you can use them to extend the reach of your software solutions, either by augmenting a desktop or web-based solution or to act as an innovative way to advertise your product or solution in a viral or word-of-mouth manner. I’ll admit that I’m…


Hey Genius – Hip College Recruiting

If you haven’t already, check out the new Microsoft College Recruiting site called “Hey Genius.” I like the black and white color scheme and the noodely animation. It has a very refreshing and relaxed style for a recruiting site. For example, in the Lounge section, a series of funny animations on “pi” and “circle” to…


Enhance Silverlight Installation Experience

Happy New Year everyone! Hope everyone had a relaxed and enjoyable holiday. The peacock family I met during my trip to Dominican Republic certainly did. 🙂 There are a number of blog posts talked about how to optimize Silverlight installation experience. See Scott Guthrie and Tim Sneath’s posts. This is particularly important from an user…