[Mini-Tutorial] Blend 3: Visual Data Binding

As your project evolves from simple sketches to prototypes, you may want to add some real interactivity to it. There are two useful tools in Blend make this really easy: Sample Data and Behaviors. This tutorial will focus on Sample Data and how designers can bind data visually in Blend. The next tutorial will be on Behaviors.

In previous version of Blend, we introduced data binding features in Blend. However, in order to make sample data targeted to particular applications, designers had to create XML data files in Visual Studio or other editors and then import into Blend. There was no easy way in Blend to generate the sample data they need. Check out how Sample Data makes this process easy in the tutorial below!

You can download the video here.

Comments (5)

  1. Laurent says:

    Thanks for the tutorial Qixing, very helpful!

    It would be good to have a fullscreen view, or did I miss a button on the player ?

  2. qixing says:

    Thanks Laurent! You can double-click on the video to see it in full-screen. This player template is missing a full screen button.

    Thanks, Qixing

  3. Dan says:


    I really like the way that you are presenting these tutorials. You are very easy to listen to and follow. I have a question about setting a behavior that manages variables and another behavior that manages conditions. I don’t see a behavior that does this presently,but it would allow for a much more fully functioning prototype if I could setup a variable and then attach conditions that could use the variable in some way. Is there a way to accomplish this in SketchFlow/Blend 3 right now without having to dive into XAML/VBscript?

  4. qixing says:

    Hi Dan,

    Thanks for your feedback. Can you tell me a concrete senario where you need separate behaviors to manage variable and conditions? I’m trying to understand your request better.

    Thanks, Qixing

  5. Justin L says:

    video tutorials are tedious and annoying, a waste of time for all involved

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