Mini-Demo: Windows 7 Desktop

As we are wrapping up all our EnergizeIT events this week, I thought to record my demo on Windows 7 Desktop for those of you who couldn’t make the event and would like to take a look. In the 20 mins demo below, I showed the things I like about Win7 from a everyday user perspective.

  • Personalization: desktop theme, User Access Control, Super Taskbar
  • Productivity: Windows management (Aero Snap, Aero Shake, and Aero Peek), document management, Win+P, default printer management
  • Connection: Search Connector

If you want to hear about the design story behind, make sure you check out the “Designing Windows 7 Desktop Experience” presentation at MIX. There are other important features in Windows 7 such as HomeGroup and Troubleshooting that are not include in this demo, but they are nicely included in a list of Win7 learning snacks here and here. Enjoy Windows 7 and let us know what do you think!

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