Check Out the New Silverlight Blog!


Hard to keep up with what’s new in Silverlight and Expression? Check out the Silverlight blog with it’s new design! I like the graphics design on the blog because it gives me a playful feeling. After all, learning new technology should be playful and fun. 🙂

Here’s what you can expect from the blog:

“The focus for this blog is to provide you the latest news and information regarding everything in the Silverlight ecosystem. The platform, the tools, case studies, news on the latest live customer sites, the designer/developer workflow, in fact over the coming weeks, months and years you can think of this blog as the pulse of the Silverlight team. Find out what’s going on as it’s happens.

A key goal of this blog is to provide a gateway to help you to not only fully understand the value of the Silverlight platform but also how you maximize your success when you deploy a Silverlight solution and alongside that we also want to make sure you have a great experience along the way. Keeping you aware of the latest up to date information on the platform and tools is one of the ways to enable this and make sure you are on the road to achieve great results with the Silverlight platform.”

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