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Hi! My name is Rini Gahir. I’m the Senior Product Manager for Developer Tools (which includes Visual Studio and Expression Studio) here at Microsoft Canada. It’s an honour to be granted a regular blog spot on the Canadian User Experience blogosphere alongside Paul and Qixing. My goal is to add value by providing business and marketing insight along with fresh thinking on the art of application development and design.

I’ll kick it off by discussing what everyone is experiencing and talking about – the current economic slump. In talking with a number of customers and partners we understand the extra scrutiny organizations are placing on their budgets and expenditures as they tighten their belts to ride through this wave. There’s a great post on Microsoft Canada discussing the current economy and what organizations and individuals can do to weather the storm. image

So in an effort to help organizations and individuals invest in their skills and boost their profile our partner marketing team has built a great resource which lists a collection of awesome training courses for Expression, Visual Studio and Silverlight. Some of these courses are for registered partners while others are available through our MSDN and other channels. Courses range from Level 100 to 300 courses and from on-demand web seminars to full fledged multi-day instructor-led training courses.




In addition, the team has done a great job in putting together a 6 part series on developing your career specific to the Canadian ICT industry. Be sure to this out also available on-demand.


And finally, be sure to check out the great promotions on right now that make it easier to purchase the latest tools to keep you innovative and competitive
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Rini Gahir | Senior Product Manager | Developer & Application Platform | Microsoft Canada

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  1. Camilo Sabogal says:

    Hi Rini, thanks for sharing this useful information. Do you have any further information about UX/UCD/HCI courses at any University in Ontario?

  2. qixing says:

    Hi Camilo,

    Most of major universities in Ontario offer some sort of HCI course in their CS department. For example, at UofT, there’s a third year course called "The Design of Interactive Computational Media".

    There are many hands on design related college courses you can take as well. A group in Toronto called TorCHI is a HCI/UX focused group that you may want to check out.

    If you have further questions, feel free to email me directly at:

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