Your satisfaction matters…and it’s clear that we need to do better!

Hi Everyone,

In the sprit of being transparent and building connections, I thought I would share my teams mandate and goals with you.  My team is responsible for one key goal in Canada and that is to build your trust and support you in a manner in which to earn your satisfaction with Microsoft.   We don’t  focus on revenue and we don’t have any utilization targets...twice a year there are two surveys that go out to measure our impact.  They are sent out in an online manner usually in the fall and early spring.  One survey focuses on developers and the other on IT pros.   Success to us is earning your trust and for you to feel comfortable to express that you are very satisfied with your relationship with Microsoft. 

Now, this isn’t an easy goal and there’s a lot that inputs into the results, some of which we can control in Canada and some that we in which we need be your ambassador within Microsoft.  We just got the latest results back and it seems we have some work to do.   To make sure we are doing the right things we need your help in understanding how we can better serve you and support your success.  The IT pro satisfaction numbers are flat and the developer numbers have shown a decline.  These are trailing indicators and while we’ve adjusted our current plan based upon your previous feedback, we want to make sure what we are doing is reaching you in a positive manner.  It’s very important to me and my team to earn your trust and understand how to help.  The recent broad postive feedback on TechDays, AlignIT and other programs give me comfort that we are on the right track…yet when it comes to your satisfaction we don’t want to take anything for granted.  clip_image002

So, to better gauge and understand where and how you as a Technical Professional (IT Professional, Developer, Architect or IT Manager for example) find what you need to support you in your role we’d like to invite you to share with us where you find I.T. ? 

Microsoft Canada is conducting a brief 10-15 minute online survey to gain these learnings.  We want to ensure that we are driving and delivering information that is of the highest value to you to the right location.  With your participation, we’ll also be able to better understand how Technical Professionals like yourself consume various types of technical information so we can make certain resources you need are readily available.  Please if you have some time give us some feedback and then sign up up for the MSDN/Technet newsletter as I want to make sure that we also share this information out broadly back to you.


    Please feel free to contact me directly as my email door is always open .....

    See you across Canada!


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