TechDays and PDC

It's such an eventful week! 80% of our community team is at TechDays today, and the rest 20% at the Professional Developer Conference in LA.  I presented the last session of the day in Web Developer Track and the first session on Silverlight. I was very anxious to hear the feedback from developers about my session because I was trying to talk about Silverlight controls from both design and development sides. Below are my first and last slides. At the end of the session, I was happy to hear from several developers that they found Expression Blend was very interesting, and they were surprised that it was so easy to create a user control and changing visual states in Blend. At the same time, they better understood the designer-developer workflow from Blend to Visual Studio. I'd like to keep improving the session as I'm going on the TechDays tour around the country. If you attended my session, feel free to contact me on the blog and give me feedback.

image image

Also, at TechDays today, I had a chance to network with many women at the conference. We had a Women In IT networking area where we shared our passion in IT and some common challenges of being a woman in IT. It's great to see people use the area to meet other women in the field. Below is a snapshot at breakfast.

DSCN0051 by Rickster-CDN.

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