Deep Zoom Functionality for PowerPoint

Back in April Qixing wrote a post about how Deep Zoom could provide an innovative way to present slides.  Apparently others have found this idea interesting as well as the Microsoft Office Labs team in Redmond has released a plug-in called pptPlex that allows you to view your PowerPoint 2007 slides in Deep Zoom format. 

You can download the plug-in here, but I highly recommend you visit the pptPlex page to view some of the videos describing it and how it can be used.

The Microsoft Office Labs team has a number of great ideas that you can use to extend the experience for Office 2007.  I highly encourage you to visit the site and see what else piques your interest!  For example, one of the ones I have been playing with is Community Clips, a viewcast recording tool that is great for recording video of your desktop as you walk through a tutorial you are presenting.


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