So much to Learn and so little time!

clip_image002Hello Everyone! 

While I guess the surprise is out.  TechDays is real and no longer just a dream.  We’ve been working hard over the last year to bring a similar experience as TechED across Canada.   Yes, not just in Toronto …..our pilot experience is also in six other cities across the country.  This was not easy, we had many challenges and while we not 100% there…. It will happen!  We are passionate about this conference series, as you’ve told us that this type of experience is very important.  From the many focus groups, your comments in our surveys and direct conversations, you’ve made it clear….. less marketing and more focus on your skills growth.  Our technical events and programs should be about learning, connecting and supporting you!   Oh yeah…. and it has to be local.    We had hoped to do this conference series in more cities and with your help in making this year’s pilot successful, sharing your ideas then perhaps next year we can.

 TechDays 2008 is our largest technical education conference series for IT Professionals and Developers in Canada ever. It focuses on providing you with skills development through deep technical training, a place to connect with your peers and the opportunity to learn and evaluate across a wide range of technical sessions. The broad technical education at  TechDays is delivered by Microsoft, Partners, and industry experts. 

You can get an great overview and perspective at Darcys and Miguel blogs.  I think they have expressed the overall experience in their words very well.

I’m excited about this as our hope is for the technical sessions and onsite experiences combined with the TechDays learning kit  to help you grow your skills, share best practices and build connections.   We also want to see if we can support you with more learning tools as continue your learning journey after the conference. 

I know that there is so much to learn, so little time and given that we made the commitment to take on this big challenge to increase supporting your development…..  techdays_canada

I’m really glad that with your support and the teams passion to announce that TechDays 2008 is real!


Over the course of the next few days the team will be sharing many more details on this experience here and at our other blogs as I’m sure (and hope) you have lots of questions.  The registration site will be up soon and watch for some early birds specials….:-)

Please get engaged, enjoy your journey and reach out to share your experiences.  You can connect directly to me or my team via our blogs or please don’t hesitate to email me at


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