Live Mesh is in Canada!


All my sister blogs (IT Manager, CanDev, and CanITPro) have shared the great news that Live Mesh is now available as Technology Preview in Canada without a sign-up wait list. So, you don't have to wait to try out the cool software-plus-service technology. Here's the official description of Live Mesh:

Live Mesh is a “software-plus-services” platform and experience that enables PCs and other devices to “come alive” by making them aware of each other through the Internet, enabling individuals and organizations to manage, access, and share their files and applications seamlessly on the Web and across their world of devices.

I can't wait to try it when I'm back in Canada from vacation. To see what the Live Mesh platform is capable of, check out the Channel 9 videos.

What I'm excited about Live Mesh from an user experience perspective is that we are hiding the complex solutions for file synchronization and sharing, data and device management, efficient collaboration between people by provide users a very simple interface to interact with and administrate their digital life. Everyone is facing more and more problems with information overload, handling different types of data from Internet, mobile devices (camera, cell phone, PDA, etc.), to computers (laptops and desktops) at work and home. I like how Windows Live Mail can bring in all my emails to one place, how Windows Live Photo Gallery can publish to both my flickr and Windows Live accounts to share my photos, and how Facebook keeps me updated with my friends status. If a solution can bring all these specialized solutions together, it'll make my life much easier. I love the fact that I can access and synchronize my information anytime and anywhere. Note: it's more than anywhere on the web but potential on any web connected devices as well. Live Mesh shows me the promise with its platform capabilities. Lastly, I like how the description on the Live Mesh homepage puts users at the centre. It's also how the fundamental platform architecture is designed according to this white paper. Good example of user-centred software-plus-service platform.

Although Live Mesh is still in its early Tech Preview stage and the earlier adopter will probably be tech savvy individuals who owns multiple computing devices, I'm looking forward to designers and developers innovating on the platform so that average computer users can really benefit the technology and make their everyday life easier.


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