One World One Dream – Watching Olympics in China

DSCN1670It's the best time to be in China right now and I'm so happy to spend my summer vacation here with my family and friends. Hope you enjoyed the opening ceremony. The picture on the left is the front page of my hometown(Suzhou) newspaper saying "this is a historical moment, which fulfill our dream for 100 years." Being Chinese, it's a truly moving moment for me.

From the experience design point of view, I really liked the story telling techniques throughout the show. In particular, the opening  video showed traditional paper making and brush work. What's brilliant is at the end of the video, we saw a scroll of paper, which then transferred to the huge physical paper scroll that was the main platform of all the performance followed. The experience was  very continuous for viewers as it moved from a look at traditional Chinese culture to the modern China. Of course, during the show, we got to leverage the fact that we have 1.3 billion people. 🙂 The 2008 drummers countdown at the beginning to the 2008 people forming a peace dove at the end, show China's love of harmony and unity.

Enjoy the games! - cheers, Qixing

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  1. David McDonald says:

    The Washington Post called it one of the most visually beautiful evenings of television ever.  I watched it and found it to be stunning.  

    Enjoy your vacation, Qixing!

  2. Rob Burke says:

    After all the buzz at MIX, I was so excited to hear we would be able to watch the Olympics in HD using Silverlight.  I enjoyed part of CBC’s coverage of the Opening Ceremonies, but couldn’t watch the whole thing because of other commitments… so I headed to NBC’s site tonight so that I could watch the rest.

    Frustratingly, I get a video saying ‘we’re sorry, NBC is required to restrict this video to viewers within the United States.’  Very frustrating for a Canadian who just wants to see the Opening Ceremonies again in HD.  Anyone know of a workaround, short of driving to the border? 🙁

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