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This year is definitely a big year for sports. Euro 2008 just ended over the weekend, Wimbledon 2008 is happening now, and the most splendid sports event of all - summer Olympics is just a little over a month away. It's also a big year for using Silverlight supporting an online rich experience to view these sports events as they happen. I collected a list of Silverlight sports site below.

 Euro 2008 in Germany, Italy, and Netherlands

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Wimbledon 2008 streaming site in Netherlands


The user can select the match/court to look at. When you go to the score list, the played matches can be watched on-demand. The statistics of the match are streamed in the video and therefore also showed in the on-demand views.

Beijing Summer Olympics streaming on

NBC Olympics Player

Other sport sites:

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Comments (2)

  1. Don’t forget about Russia. with WM, SL1 and SL2 players.

    Euro, Olympics and other sport events.

  2. 2008 was great. I really enjoyed the Olympic Games in Beijing. I watched them on <a href="">NBC Video</a> and had a lot of fun. Looking forward to the start of the NFL season 2009.

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