[Podcast] CanUX 2007: The Business of Experience

During CanUX, I had a chance to chat with Jess McMullin from nFrom about his presentation on “The Business of Experience.” The 10-minute podcast below we chatted about the essence of the presentation, which is Value-Centered Design (VCD).  In the conversation, Jess told me a real-life story of how critical VCD is and recommended designers…


CanUX 2007: Intimate and Interactive

I just finished my two-day CanUX conference in Banff. What a great time! I really enjoyed the intimate and interactive style of the conference.        Interactive: Design Slam: create a comprehensive shopping experience for Mobey`s (a food store) to promote healthy eating and improve customer loyalty. Working with other UX Professionals on creative…


Silverlight Training in Toronto

  NTG is offering Silverlight training in Toronto. The course is scheduled December 17-19, 2007 at CTC TrainCanada in Mississauga. This is a 3-day introductory course taught by Shawn Wildermuth, a leading Silverlight trainer, consultant, and writer (author of recent Silverlight article in CIO magazine). For course details, visit http://www.newyyz.com/NtgSite/?Category=Microsoft%20Silverlight&CourseID=115 The Silverlight Workshop is a soup-to-nuts…


Listen to Behind-the-Scenes MIX Stories

Following my podcast with Ray talking about the MIX experience, here is a great place to get the behind-the-scenes stories on MIX. Enjoy! “The Signal is our new podcast for MIX08.  Explore the upcoming PHP and JavaScript development features in the next version of Expression Web with Thomas Lewis and Mike Swanson. Hear from Jennifer…


Sharing Designer-Developer Workflow Story from eMedia

Last month Tudor Whiteley (in black, Designer) and Chris Asselin (in white, Developer) from eMedia participated in the Artists in Residency training for Silverlight and Expression Studio at our headquarter – Redmond. It’s an intense 10-day training program with first 2 days in a lecture style learning the basics and the rest of 8 days…


Silverlight Training on Lynda.com

Five hours of free Silverlight 1.0 training is now available on Lynda.com. Arturo Toledo, a program manager at Microsoft who leads a lot of Silverlight and Expression training effort, has more background information on the training here. Besides the Silverlight training, you can also find Expression Blend, Design, and Web training on Lynda.com for free….


[Podcast] The MIX Experience

Hey, fellow designers! MIX08 registration has already open and MIX blings are out. I had a chance to sit down with Ray Winninger last week, who is responsible for the overall experience of MIX. We chatted about the idea behind MIX, the continuous MIX experience, what’s in it for designers, and what to expect at…


Windows Live Partner Quickstart Portal – Get Up and Running with Windows Live

Windows Live Services are web-based services available to you for integration into your solutions today.  Each facet of the Windows Live product line has simple terms of use (and unless you have usage volumes that are very, very high, it’s all free), SDKs and APIs to integrate the services into your applications and they allow…


Imagine Cup Overview

Here is an overview video on Imagine Cup to give you more background on the competition. In the video, Joe Wilson, the director of academic evangelism, talks about the experience of Imagine Cup. The video was shot before last year’s finals in Korea. Hope to see more Canadian designers at world finals next year in…


TorCHI World Usability Day Event

Last Thursday, the World Usability Day (WUD) 2007, I went to TorCHI’s special event celebrating WUD. It was nice to greet people attending the event with “Happy World Usability Day” and got equally warm greetings back. A friend of mine told me that she sent out a WUD greeting email to her colleagues at the…