The Ultimate Steal

Check out this deal (launched yesterday) for Office if you haven't seen it. For Canadian university and college students, you can get Office 2007 Ultimate for just $64 CAD. There is also a more flexible way to acquire Office, which is to get the one year subscription license for only $22 CAD. I'm excited about the low price and flexibility we are offering to students.


I've been using Office 2007 since I joined in March. The new Ribbon interface helped me to discover some new features in Office that I wasn't aware they existed before. There are two applications within Office that I never used before are now the heavy weights of my daily usage. One I really enjoy is the Office Groove. Our team use it to collaborate with one another, and I personally use it to synchronize my files between laptops. The other one Office OneNote. I use it as my information organizer: taking meeting notes (both text and drawings), reviewing papers and presentations (i.e. there is a print function to layout your doc or ppt for review in OneNote), recording links and websites that I found interesting. The main thing is you never need to save in OneNote. Everything you add is automatically saved and you can use search to find it. Since I use a tablet PC,I can use my stylus to handwrite notes and convert them to text.

I hope this deal will provide an easy and affordable way for our students to enjoy Office at home, and I'm looking forward to hearing your stories of using Office 2007.

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  1. Nathaniel says:

    Did you notice this part "Download Office Ultimate 2007: If you don’t want to download, you can also order a physical DVD during the purchase process for a small charge. "

    Where is the option to get the DVD on the order page?

  2. qixing says:

    Good question! I can’t seem to find the DVD oder option either.

    It says on the promotion rule page:

    "Eligible students can obtain the Microsoft Office Ultimate 2007 software by downloading or ordering a disk from the official Promotion web site. The cost of ordering a disk is $13 CDN."

    You probably want to contact the Contact Customer Service on the FAQ page.

  3. Kevin says:

    Sadly, this offer doesn’t seem to include students from Athabasca University 🙁

  4. Kirk says:

    I purchased the Ultimate Steal in Sept, 2007.  I have purchased a new laptop, how can I transfer the product key from my previous install onto my new laptop?

  5. qixing says:

    Hi Kirk,

    You should be able to enter the product key again after you install Office on your new computer. Did you try if it works?

  6. Kirk says:

    I have installed office 2007, but I am unable to activate it, it says the key has already been activated the maximum number of times allowed.  Is there a way I can activate Office on my new laptop?

  7. qixing says:

    Hi Kirk,

    Please send an email to with your problem. We’ll take this offline and look it more closely.

    Thanks, Qixing

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