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The Expression Web team is conducting a survey on hosting and publishing to learn more about how web professionals publish and host websites. The survey is anonymous and does not collect any personal information.

All feedback is used to help improve future versions of Expression Web.

The survey is located on Microsoft Connect:

[UPDATE by Paul Laberge, 26/09/2007]

Thanks to Laurent Duveau who noticed the above link no longer works.  You can now provide feedback on the entire Expression Studio suite of products (not just Expression Web) here.  If you have an opinion on how features of the product work (both negative and positive), please let us know.  Your feedback is taken seriously and the intent of providing you the opportunity to speak your mind about the products is to truly improve your experience with future versions.

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  1. The link seems to be closed now. Where can I submit my feedback for Expression Web ?

  2. Anonymous says:

    (This comment has been deleted per user request)

  3. cristian_c10 says:

    I was wonderig why is the Canadian price for expression web $100 more expensive than the US pricing.


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