More information on the Microsoft Canada Development Centre in Vancouver

As Qixing mentioned in a previous post, Microsoft is opening up a Development Centre in Vancouver.  This presents an amazing opportunity for many talented designers and developers to join the Microsoft team and have an impact on the products we deliver to businesses and consumers.  The announcement has generated a lot of press and some readers of our blog have been commenting on their excitement about this news.

For those of you interested in learning more about the Microsoft Canada Development Centre, I invite you to take a look at Microsoft's great blog called JobsBlog (specifically the posts labeled All About Vancouver (Part I) and Vancouver (Part 2)).  It sheds some light on what we have planned and the processes we are following to get the Centre up and running.  

JobsBlog is also a great resource in general for those of you who are interested in pursuing a career at Microsoft outside of the Microsoft Canada Development Centre.  I highly recommend you read the posts if you are interested in a career at Microsoft anywhere in the world.  The blog is authored by recruiters and offers great tips and tricks to keep in mind throughout the interview process.  It certainly was a great resource for me as I went through my interviews with Microsoft.


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  1. M3 Sweatt says:

    This is helpful. One of the benefits of having the centre in BC is that it alows MS to attract more Canadian talent, as well as and international candidates. There are many Canucks I know who would rather stay Up North than migrate southward for a host of reasons. We’re excited in Windows to be able to add to our talented staff via the MCDC.

  2. Satisfy Me says:

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