WPF/Silverlight and Expression Resource Part II

There are so many great resources on WPF/Silverlight and Expression Studio available after MIX. It's time to do a part II of the resource listing continuing on the previous WPF and Expression Resource post.

Getting Started

  • Microsoft Silverlight Homepage
  • Silverlight.net: a more community-oriented site than the link above, which includes a lot of Silverlight showcases built by Microsoft partners and community enthusiasts.
  • WindowsClient.net: a new community site for WPF and Windows Forms, which provides a common place for the community to understand a unified .NET/Windows client offering.
  • MIX website: home for visual MIX experience, where you can watch all the sessions on-demand. I strongly recommend watching the keynote by  Ray Ozzie and Scott Guthrie. It not only introduces new web technologies such Silverlight but also put everything together into Microsoft's vision for the future of web experience.
  • Silverlight 1.0 Beta QuickStart: a quick guide of different parts you'll need to create a Silverlight application.
  • Silverlight 1.1 Alpha QuickStart



  • Silverlight Airline: visually mapping out your flight route.
  • Microsoft.com: navigating through content on Microsoft.com using a toolbar enhanced by Silverlight.
  • Popfly: a fun and easy way to build and share mash-ups, gadgets and Web pages using pre-built “Blocks” that connect to online services. Here's a video to see Popfly in action.
  • Silverlight Showcase 



Please let us know if you discover a great resource link that's not in the list.

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  1. shopautodotcaseocontest says:

    Nice, thanks. I never knew that much about wpf

  2. A slight change this week. POI titles will now include the main topics covered in each post ("Other"

  3. A slight change this week. POI titles will now include the main topics covered in each post ("Other"

  4. Expression Studio is a very valuable asset in the toolkits of designers and developers for building Rich

  5. Total Training also has in-depth training on Microsoft Expression here:


    Free samples are available online.


  6. It was my first EnergizeIT experience yesterday. What a fun day it was! I like how the event unite all

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