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Please see the part II of this post here, which includes resources for Silverlight.

Where can I learn more about Windows Presentation Foundation and Expression Studio? How can I build rich user experience in Expression Studio based on WPF? While I was learning Microsoft’s new presentation platform (WPF) and creative design tools (Expression), I collected the following list of resources I'd like to share with you. I’ll update this list as my journey continues.

Getting started



  • Channel 9 Expression videos: a four part video on Expression including Blend, Web, and Design.
  • Lynda.com
    • Expression Web Essential Training with Joe Marini: “From understanding the concept of smart web design, to creating, editing, and maintaining a web site, instructor Joe Marini, Group Product Manager at Microsoft, gives his insider tips for real-world web site design using Expression Web.”
    • Expression Blend Beta Preview with Lee Brimelow: “Instructor Lee Brimelow explores all of the application's features and capabilities, from the user interface panels to creating and importing assets. He also covers integrating 3D content, using WPF text controls, layout controls, and user input controls, and creating animated effects.”
  • Expression Web Total Training
  • XAML Tutorial


You can get fast response to your detailed technical questions by WPF and Expression team members in these discussion lists.

Dedicated sites:

  • MIX University: a site dedicated to the next generation of web experience. On the site, you can find demos for ASP.NET AJAX, gadgets, WPF/E, hands-on labs for Expression and much more.
  • ExpressionBlend.com by Brennon Williams: “the primary aim of this site is to assist developers and designers in how to use the exciting new user interface (UI)/ user experience (UE)development tool from Microsoft, Expression Blend.”
  • By-Expression by Cheyl D. Wise: a great place to learn about Expression Web. Cheyl is the author of Foundations of Expression Web: The Basics and Beyond.
  • Learn Expression offers free video tutorials for learning Expression tools.

Bonus: Microsoft blog directory

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  1. Hi Guys

    In some quiet time at work, I started to look into WPF/XAML and so on. I have written up my experiences (including a few tips on some UI issues I worked round) at my blog site.

    The biggest problem I had was I’m no graphical designer, but I’ve had some success using Expression to design my app. I had followed a few Photoshop tutorials to create my controls and then tried to apply the same procedures to do them in Expression. Photoshop and Expression Design are eerily similar. There are a few differences however so I guess what I’d most like to see are Expession tutorials (e.g How to create a glass effect button). I think these will come in time.

    I think yours is the first time I’ve seen a one-stop shop for WPF links. Great job!

  2. Qixing says:

    Thanks for your comment, Derek. Here is a tutorial on creating a glass button in Blend. http://blogs.msdn.com/mgrayson/archive/2007/02/16/creating-a-glass-button-the-complete-tutorial.aspx

  3. In an eariler post , I aggregated a list of WPF and Expression resource. The list is in plain test with

  4. There are so many great resources on WPF/Silverlight and Expression Studio available after MIX. It’s

  5. It was my first EnergizeIT experience yesterday. What a fun day it was! I like how the event unite all

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