Candidate:Paul Wellman

Is Paul the right fit for the role? Check it out. Work of Paul Wellman Online Portfolio:        Interactive Presentation: John

Candidate:Abdul Rehman Khawar

Is Abdual the right fit for the role? Check it out. Work of Abdul Rehman Khawar Sample: Resume: download PDF Video: John


Get on soapbox and let your creative side show!!!

“Believe it or not, Microsoft just became a bit more, well, cool.” — Business Week, Sept. 25 It’s great to see business week say we are getting a bit more cool, yet yet’s you that will decide.   I’m having fun and getting excited about all that’s coming.  You know I have been a Microsoft for just…

Questions and Answers

  Wow, I just came back from vacation and I’ve had lots of questions and wonderful emails on the role. It’s great to see that so many people are interested and excited about the opportunity. This will be quick as I have way too many emails to catchup on…. Not to complain, I have a great…


Speaking of UX…

Hey all, Mark Z here. Thought I’d share a nice example of some of my “pre-out-of-box-User-Experience” here 🙂

Are you the Canadian User Experience community’s newest Intern/Apprentice?

I’m looking for a User Experience (UX) Advisor to join the team that I feel is changing the way Microsoft is connecting with the community. To do this I really want my actions to speak for themselves and invest in the leaders of tomorrow today. This role is not open to everyone and I really…