Expression Event at MSN Studios

Hey guys, guest blogger Mark Z here.  Wanted to post a review here written by Jason Yong, of an event he organized at the MSN Offices downtown Toronto to show people some of the Expression products that are being released pretty soon: Hello All!     My name is Jason Yong and I’m the coop…


Candidate: Alex Levit

Alex, just sent me an email and applied to the position.  check out his portfolio and tell me what you think? My name is Alex Levit, and I’m a graduating Graphic Design student from Seneca College.Majid Mirza has referred me to your blog, and I have been following it closely for a couple of weeks…


Canididate:Barbara Geng

  I just recieved Barbara’s application and wanted to share it with you… have a look, check out her video and comments below! Online Portfolio: Video: When I saw the job posting of the User Experience Advisor on the career center website at the University of Toronto, I was so excited about this…


Vista – It’s Official…..It’s Time.

Firstly I have to start our by saying I’m sorry that I haven’t been posting much lately as I’ve been in Redmond.  But I had to share my experience with you.  Today we announced Release to Manufacturing of Windows Vista.  Yeah it is really cool and a significant milestone for us and our partners, and one that I’m very excited about.  But, I…

Candidate:Nathan Robertson

Got a great email this morning from a new candidate!   Nathan decided to join the party and make his mark right away…. Check it out and tell me what you think! John Hi John, My name is Nathan Robertson and I am applying for the UX Advisor role at Microsoft. Whenever analyzing user experience it…


Paul shows his Passion!

Taking my comments to heart Peter sent me this note just a little while ago. Check it out and tell me what you think! John Dear Members of the Design Community, I have been talking to, and gathering thoughts from a variety of designers and members of the community in regards to what exactly they…

Show us your User Experience and Design Passion

I really needed the input from Audrey to give me some ideas on how to look through the numerous resumes and identify who has that passion and can be successful in this role.  We are taking a big bet hiring someone right out of school and the lack of experience will be overcome by their…


Abdual shows his passion for the UX

I go this sent to me last night as he had some challenges posting it. Have a read, John Hi Audrey, You are right! From what you have seen I would have had the same reaction. That is exactly why I really like the open approach Microsoft Canada is following to select the suitable candidate….


Great Community Direction

Audrey Carr took some time to give great guidance on the communities expectations for the role.   As we are investing in someone right out of school these are the people you will have to work with, show your passion and connect to!   Have a look at the post! John Microsoft User Experience Advisor -…


Candidate:Bryan Herskovits

  What do you think about Bryan? Check it out. Work of Bryan Herskovits Online sample: Interactive Presentation: John