WPF/e and Expression on Channel9

If you're interested in learning more about Expression, WPF, and WPF/e, here is some content straight from the horse's mouth.  These Channel9 interviews are with the Expression team, and have some great information about the software, how its been developed, and the direction of Expression and WPF/e in the future.

In particular, if you don't know anything about WPF/e, you will definitely enjoy the last video.

Check them out!

-Mark Z

Comments (2)

  1. pwellman says:

    Here’s another really good URL for the Expression forum. You can find a lot of helpful tips and information. Everyone is very helpful and interested in what ideas you can come up with. I found it to be an excellent resource when trying to design some stuff with Blend.


    Paul Wellman

  2. qixingz says:

    I also found the Lee’s theWPFblog(http://www.thewpfblog.com/) is quite helpful in terms of understanding and experimenting with WPF/E. He gives very simple examples such as how WPF/E integrates with Flash and how to make a classic "HelloWorld" WPF/E project.

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