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Hey all,

I think this may interest some of you.  It's a pretty unique website, and I was hoping the interface was made in Expression, but alas, it's a well-done Flash project!  Check it out here.  It's a contest for the best new small business idea.  The prizes are quite tantalizing... but more importantly, it's a really nice design.  I guess it's supposed to illustrate your future workspace, the 1-year of free rent you'll get in New York City for your business. 

What do you guys think?

-Mark Z

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  1. pwellman says:

    That interface was pretty sweet. I was amazed how fast it loaded considering the big percentage of video in it. It’s too bad you couldn’t control the video somehow. The contest sounds even more exciting LOL.

    The interface slightly reminded me of

    (It takes a while to load but worth it. Very fun website.)


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