Candidate: Alex Levit

Alex, just sent me an email and applied to the position.  check out his portfolio and tell me what you think?

My name is Alex Levit, and I'm a graduating Graphic Design student from Seneca College.
Majid Mirza has referred me to your blog, and I have been following it closely for a couple of weeks now.
I've compiled my online portfolio, and it can be viewed at
I live, breath, and eat design. Please consider my candidacy for the Canadian User Experience position.
Alex Levit
Graphic Designer

Comments (2)
  1. RCS says:

    You would think if he was that into design, he would make his site fit in at MOST a 1024×768 screen… so right off the bat, that’s sort of a showstopper for me.. that’s really basic design stuff right there..

  2. Majid Mirza says:

    Personality + Energy + MASSive Talent = Alex Levit

    Mind you, I was a client first, then became a friend.

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