Paul shows his Passion!

Taking my comments to heart Peter sent me this note just a little while ago.

Check it out and tell me what you think!


Dear Members of the Design Community,

I have been talking to, and gathering thoughts from a variety of designers and members of the community in regards to what exactly they need, what they want, and what frustrates them. One of the best quotes I received was from Peter Laird at Critical Mass.

“What frustrates me as a designer is when people who aren't designers try and tell you what to design…”

I think as designers we can all relate to Peter’s statement in one way or another. This is a perfect example of a frustration that might exist between designers and other team members.

I am an applicant for the User Experience Advisor role with Microsoft. I feel gathering feelings and needs such as Peter’s is exactly what the role is about. When people ask me about the position, I tell them I would be like a sponge planted in the community. I would be absorbing information, needs, thoughts, and feelings from everywhere and anywhere. I would be absorbing every drop of water possible!

I know I have the communication and networking skills to successfully achieve the “sponge” effect. I am an extremely fast learner of anything and everything. I have been there done and that. I know what its like to build a design from the ground up, and see it morph from a paper prototype to a finish product. I can present your ideas, your concepts, and your feelings clearly and effectively. I can translate your needs into formal requirements! LOL!

My knowledge regarding the integration of design, interaction, and usability was founded under the guidance of Ilona Posner. . She was one of my professors in University. She is a usability consultant who has worked with everyone from Yahoo to Apple. She is actually presenting an event in Toronto on November 14, 2006 for World Usability Day. Check out for more details. The event is FREE!!!!! She instilled in me the notion and mindset that in order to create an effective design, you must know your users! Without your users you have nothing!

As members of the design community you are the users. I want to know who you are. I am a fast learner, a great talker, and I get the job done. I have the openness to connect with people. I can network and bring together people to produce effective and successful results. I want to make your lives easier by knowing you and your needs. In a nutshell, designers are the ones who allow us to spend more time with our families, who make us laugh, who make us smile, and who simply make our lives easier. I want to help do the same for the designers themselves.

Everything about this position is me! My desire to learn, need to improve, and my want to help others is what will allow me to help you. My work can be viewed at I want to help the community, bring it together and unify it. I look forward to your comments and welcome your suggestions.

With Thanks,

Paul Wellman

PS: Contact me for more information regarding the Toronto Event for World Usability Day.

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